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Agriculture & Infrastructure Projects - Ghana

In March 2020 Ghana became the third country in Africa to legalise the use and cultivation of cannabis for health and industrial purposes and as Minexco has extensive contacts in agronomy and farming systems (including specialist in plant genetics) it was felt that the company would exploring the potential licences for the cultivation, processing and exporting of CBD in Ghana for export purposes.   The Company is still at the initial stages of this venture however it is strongly felt that Ghana has the tropical climate and humidity levels that are ideal for cultivation and due to the coastal positioning and the proximity to Accra’s international airport the country has been destined for cargo export.

In addition to the agricultural endeavours the Company has always run with the ethos that it is important to be active contributors in enhancing the welfare of communities and to date we have and will continue to enhance training concepts for local workers, work with educational establishments and providing jobs, thereby actively assisting the economy at base levels.

Minexco Ghana has also assisted in the provision of PPE and COVID19 Test Kits through pharmaceutical partners during the pandemic to assist in helping communities stay safe and active.

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